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Advise Consultation for NGOs

Duration: 30 Minutes for each NGO

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday (02:00 PM to 04:00 PM)

Consultation by: Indraneel Karmakar, Co-Founder, Impactyog

About Indraneel Karmakar: Over a decade, Indraneel is working in a leadership role of an Non Profit Organisation and regular consultant for many NGOs and CBOs to design and scale their social impact programs.

Now he apart from leading a Non Profit Organisation also started a Consulting firm called "Impactyog" which is a social enterprise dedicated to strengthen the capacities of the impact ecosystem in India Indraneel is responsible for the overall direction, growth and impact of the organisation.

Indraneel have his diverse expertise in the field of sustainable livelihood development and strengthening of civil societies

During the consultation you can ask any questions relevant to the development of your organisation

Book your Consultation Slot using Calendly below

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