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What we do

We work for organisations having social development objective (NGOs, CBOs and companies complying with CSR) to maximise their impact, practice good governance and reach to potential supporters using customised ways depending on the scale of operations.

Capacity building through need based trainings, workshops and webinars

One of our objective is to build capacities of organisations facing challenges due to lack of knowledge and information. We organise workshops, webinars and training courses on fundraising, outreach, financial management, good governance, program development, planning, assessments, monitoring and evaluation

Facilitating partnerships and collaborations for social impact

We believe in creating change through effective, strong and long term partnership. We help NGOs to identify their right donor (donor assessment). We work for CSR teams to identify credible NGOs working with an aligned objectives in common geographies and facilitate the employee volunteers to find the proper volunteering projects (field or remote) 

Developing communication tools for better outreach

We have witnessed the challenges faced by the NGOs and CBOs to develop effective communication tools which can outreach their cause and promote their organisation to the proper audience. We help NGOs in developing website with appropriate content and design, outreach their cause through digital marketing like social media, success stories etc.,  develop annual reports, newsletters and customised project reports as per project/ donor guideline.

Developing and implementing social development programmes

We believe that the impact of any social development program depends on its planning,  development and effective implementation. We help donors to design innovative, impactful and scalable social development programmes, Conducting multi-level due diligence of NGOs and helping donors to identify partners best suited to their needs. We also do direct implementation of programmes in areas like livelihood, skill development, education and other community outreach initiatives. 

Consulting for good governance and donor management

Governance and donor management is critical to effectively run an organization. The overall goal of an organisation is to ensure that the objectives of the organization are achieved and the interests of various stakeholders are protected. We work towards attainment of this objective by promoting good governance and effective donor management in the development sector. We help in developing and implementing policies, manuals and internal processes, informing statutory compliances.  

Monitoring, Evaluating and Measuring impact of social development programmes

Monitoring, evaluation and measuring impact is one of the most important key factors towards achieving the goal of any social development programmes. We do Monitoring, evaluating and scientifically assessing the impact of social development initiatives to ensure that they meet their deliverables and achieve greater impact.

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Change Talks is kind initiative of Impactyog which aims to inspire people and development organizations to start impactful initiatives to drive sustainable change in the society.


Change Talks organizes various talk shows with Impact leaders and Social change makers to spread their cause and how they have contributed to make a sustainable impact on the society. 

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