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Education, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Child Development, Disaster Management


Our Mission: To uphold the dignity of the oppressed and marginalized through a process of empowerment.

Our Vision: A Democratic society free from exploitation based on the principle of equality, liberty and democracy.

Adarsh Seva Sansthan (ASES) came into existence in 1987 in Jamshedpur’s brick kiln areas for ensuring education of children. Brick kiln settlements were established by migrant workers on the banks of the river ‘Swarnrekha’ and ‘Kharkai’. Slums in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) are situated on the periphery of the planned city. Although hutments are now semi-permanent, there is no recognition of these residents in larger urban development planning programmes.

ASES started operation for the development of slum children as most of the children were malnourished, suffer health problem due to environmental changes and didn’t attend school. In order to educate the slum children, ASES started working in slums by starting Non-Formal Education School (NFEs) comprising of 45 children in NTT basti, Jamshedpur. Gradually NFEs in nearby basti followed. The year 1995-96 was a turning point for the workers as the lease of the brick kiln factories expired and was not renewed owing to environmental concerns. As a result the brick kiln factories were closed. The migrated workers, however continued to live in these settlements which are currently situated in different parts of Jamshedpur which is part of the TATA Lease Agreement.

Since beginning ASES work for and with slums. ASES intervened by educating slum people and ventured to improve the health status in the slums. Children, Men and Women are empowered through Bal Sangathan (Children Club), Mahila Mandal (SHG) and Joint Bastee Committee (Community Based Organization), which is Strength of ASES. We work in the slums mainly aiming at ensuring child rights through a strengthened community


Area of work: Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Chaibasa, Hazaribag, Chas(Bokaro) and Jharia (Dhanbad) covering 135 slums and rural blocks of East Singhbhum.


Prabha Jayaswal, Secretary

Adarsh Seva Sansthan

Opposite 4th Phase, Adarsh Nagar, Sonari, Jamshedpur


Mobile- 06572314098, 9431755933

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