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Events & Workshops

Workshop on "How to make your NGO funding Ready"


18th Dec, 2020

23rd Dec, 2020

29th Dec, 2020

11th Jan, 2021

21st Jan, 2021

Discussed Topics

  • Current status of NGOs in India

  • How NGOs operate v/s How NGOs should operate

  • Current funding trends for NGOs in India

  • Methods of getting funds for your NGO (Government funding, CSR funding, Individual donations etc.)

  • Suggestions on how you could GET FUNDING easily

  • Way forward




Workshop on Process outline of project proposal writing for NGOs


27th Feb, 2021

Discussed Topics

  • What is a project proposal?

  • Types of project proposal

  • What to do before starting to write a project proposal?

  • Structure of a project proposal

  • Tips for getting a project proposal sanctioned/ approved




Workshop on Scope of funding for NGOs under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 


27th Mar, 2021

3rd April, 2021

10th April, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • Introduction of CSR: Basics of CSR

  • Evolution of CSR in India

  • Activities qualifying under CSR Act

  • Status of NGOs getting CSR funding in India

  • CSR priorities in the States of Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and North Eastern States.

  • What do companies want from NGOs while partnering?

  • How NGOs should approach Corporates?

  • 5 best PSU companies to be approached for CSR project.




Webinar on Fellowship & other Volunteering Models for Grassroots Organizations


26th April, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • Context Setting - Volunteerism (Shramdhan) in India & Abroad

  • Successful case studies (Peace Corps USA, AIESEC International)

  • Enhancing Human Capital of Grassroots Organization through Volunteerism

  • Best Practices of Volunteer Management (Culture, Processes & Resources)

  • Possible Avenues & Way Forward for Grassroots Organizations

Speaker: Alex Arockiasamy, Program Manager, SBI Youth for India fellowship, SBI Foundation




Webinar on

Strengthening CSR through Implementing Agencies in Eastern & North Eastern region of India


27th April, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • CSR Implementation scenario in Eastern and North Eastern region of India

  • Initiatives and best practices of partnership between corporates and Implementation agencies

  • Challenges of Corporates towards building partnership with Implementing agencies

  • How Implementing agencies should leverage their ideas into partnerships

  • CSR partnership priorities in Covid times


  1. Mr. Nixon Joseph, President & COO, SBI Foundation

  2. Mr. Atul Singh, Vice President- CSR, Emami Ltd.

  3. Dr. Prashant Kumar Hota, President- Sustainability & CSR, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.

  4. Mr. Kaushik Sinha, Head- CSR & Corporate Communication, Magma Fincorp (Moderator)

  5. Ms. Smita Sahu, Manager- CSR, Arohan

Speaker Profiles




Workshop on Communication tools for NGOs (focused on Annual Report & Newsletters) 


8th May, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • What role an Annual Report and Newsletters can play as Communication tools for NGOs?

  • How should an NGO Annual Report & Newsletters look like?

  • Where & how the Annual Reports & Newsletters should be circulated for better outreach?

  • Ideal samples of Annual Reports & Newsletters

Speaker: Tanveer Khan (Development Consultant; PR professional; Social Entrepreneur)




Workshop on Basics of HR for NGOs


29th May, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • What is HR and why it is important for NGOs 

  • Principles of HR

  • Lifecycle of an employee in an organization - recruitment, entry, tenure, exit

  • Components of a good HRMS - need-to-have and good-to-have

  • Responsibility matrix for Policies and Processes 

  • Employee motivation

  • Conflict management 

Speaker: Manvi Singh, Founder- Blue Parijaat Foundation




Workshop on Project Proposal writing for NGOs


31st May, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • How to identify the right donor (Donor assessment)- Expert tips

  • Logical chain- problem analysis, finding solutions, planning, resource assessment, project designing and proposal writing

  • Structure of Project proposal

  • Driving through samples of proposal

Speaker: Suman Talukdar, CSR & Sustainability Professional, Former CSR Lead- Rio Tinto India




Workshop on Donor Assessment for NGOs


14th June, 2021

16th June, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • Importance of donor assessment before approaching

  • Type of NGO Donors

  • Categorisation of your activities (Know your working sectors)

  • How to assess/ measure your NGO credibility?

  • How would you find your possible suitable donor?

  • Who are the donors supporting COVID-19 related activities?

  • Effective ways to reach/ approach donors




Webinar on Crowdfunding for NGOs


14th July, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • Basics of crowdfunding

  • Why should grassroots NGOs do crowdfunding?

  • How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? (when to start & when to stop)

  • How to build a fundraising network?

  • How to write effective content?

  • How to promote?

  • How to report the activities? (to inform whoever donated)

  • How to retain crowdfunding donors? 

  • Do's and Don'ts of crowdfunding. 

Speaker: Meena Dave, CEO- India Cares Foundation




Webinar on changes related to Income Tax (80G, 12A) for NGOs


21st July, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • Changes towards the changes being brought for the NGOs (12A & 80G renewal)

  • Implication/ Effect for the NGOs

  • Process documentation

  • Application procedure (overview, not in-detail)

  • Post-application process (handling queries, certificate generation etc.)

  • Expert tips for grassroots level NGOs of this process

Speaker:  CA. Aditya Dadheech, Partner, A K DADHEECH & CO, Mumbai




Webinar on Writing Success Stories for NGOs

in association with Story Beetle


27th July, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • Why Stories for Impact and how it can help you inspire people to join the cause and raise funds for your initiative?

  • Find the right story for your initiative

  • Identify your audience

  • Tell your story

Speaker: Arshia Bhandari, Founder, Story Beetle




Webinar on Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Relationships with CSR Professionals for NGOs


21st September, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • Importance of LinkedIn for NGOs (10 mins)

  • How to utilize LinkedIn to build relationships with CSRs and investors - profile optimization, connection building process, and personal branding on LinkedIn. (40-50 mins)

  • Q&A/ discussion (30 mins)

Speaker: Rhythm Sachdeva, Impact Communication Consultant




Webinar on Basics of Fundraising for NGOs


27th November, 2021

Discussion Topics

  • What is Fundraising for grassroot/ newly started NGOs?

  • How grassroot/ newly started NGOs should initiate fundraising

  • Challenges and best practices of fundraising

  • Ways of fundraising

  • How to plan your fundraising journey  

Speaker: Rishabh Lalani, Fundraising Expert




'Prabodhan'- Webinar series on Finance, Compliance and Grant Management for NGOs

in association with Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation (BRLF)


Series-1 January - March 2022

Series-2 May - July 2022

About the webinar series

A total of 9 webinar under the financial education short course christened ‘प्रबोधन’ Prabodhan (Alert, Advise, Awake) will be organized by BRLF and facilitated by Impactyog @1 per week on a fixed day i.e. Thursday each week on topics of NGO compliance, finance and accounts and grant management​

Speakers: From Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation (BRLF)

Particpants Engaged


'Bodhan'- Online Short Certificate Course on Finance, Compliance and Grant Management for NGOs

in association with Saathi Development Services


January 2023 - March 2023

About the webinar series

A total of 9 online sessions under th'Bodhan'- Online Short Certificate Course on Finance, Compliance and Grant Management for NGOs organised by Impactyog @1 session per week on a fixed day i.e. Thursday each week on topics of NGO compliance, finance and accounts and grant management​

Speakers: From Saathi Development Services and other industry experts

Particpants Engaged


Online Short Certificate Course on Finance for Non Finance Staffs of NGOs

in association with Saathi Development Services


Commencing in Sept 2023

About the webinar series

It is a fully online short course designed specifically to enhance knowledge of Project and Programme level ( non finance) staffs on Accounting & Finance, Grant management, Budgeting, Procurement, Inventory & Asset management, Audit & Assurances, Internal control and risks through a well-curated curriculum, eminent faculties and post session email support on queries. The course curriculum is designed by the experts from the finance and administrative background working for decades in the development sector in India.

Speakers: From Saathi Development Services and other industry experts

Course Brochure

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