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Healthcare, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Child Development, Disaster Management, Environment and water conservation

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Registered under society regn.act in september 2004. Having 12A, 80G, FCRA, Niti Ayog EPF ESi regn. With 40 employees, promoting livelihood with dairy development programme. About 4200 rural farmers are earning their bread. ITC is our institutional buyer.
With 40 SHG more than 600 women have developed with various skill development programmes. Many of them are earning and became self reliant.

Immunization, Malnutrition, Anemia and Diarrhea is focal area of health care programme. For better health of society more than 3000 families were facilitated with access of toilet. To promote hygine in daily life, practice of hand wash were promoted. Orientation of adolescent girls were done for Mestruation and Hygiene Mgt., hazards of Anemia. Diarrhea prevention and mgt. workshops were organised as Munger district has polluted ground water.


Area of work: Bihar, jharkhand, orissa


Arpan Kumar, Secretary

Daya Foundation

268A, madhopur, basudeopur, munger


Mobile- 7004176432, 9431418843

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