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Indian Village Development Society

Healthcare, Education, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Child Development

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IVD Society, a registered non-profit organization established in April 2016 is committed to help women from marginalized communities overcome social injustice,poverty and exclusion.We support rural women initiative at grass-root levels to facilitate empowerment so that they can lead to dignified life.We have come up with effective and easily adaptable IVD SOCIETY model which is capable of bringing in social and economic changes in adverse conditions.


IVD SOCIETY open platform is a result of tireless contribution from professional development workers.We have been able to bring hope and joy in the lives of over 1000 rural families.we target new milestones with the belief that someone,somewhere would make a choice to support our mission and vision and come forward to be part of the project.

Area of work: Uttar Pradesh


Mr.Shivam Pratap Vikram (Secertary)

Indian Village Development Society

Harahua BazarHarahua Bazar


Mobile- 9454175882


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