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Webinar on Crowdfunding for NGOs | 14th July 2021, Wednesday


Meena Dave
India Cares Foundation

Meena Dave is the CEO of India Cares Foundation. 

With an MBA in Finance, worked at the BSE for a decade, a chance volunteering week with an organisation made her realise that getting funds is difficult for CSOs/ NGOs and her temperament was not going to let her work in projects, so she decided to become a fundraiser, joined India Cares in 2010, now lead a team of 10 people.


With the ultimate passion and constant concern towards the social sector, she worked towards creating an environment at India Cares for CSOs, Corporate and individuals to consult and work together as friends. 


Since 2010, India Cares Foundation has extended its service outside Bangalore to Delhi, Kolkata and other cities in India.  India Cares has a vision of a Civil Society that engages, inspires and works towards solutions through Public Participation

India Cares works to enhance capacities of Civil Society Organisations - CSOs/ NGOs in Public Engagement & Resource Mobilization; Facilitate CSR; Enable large impact projects through Collaborations and provide an online platform to boost fundraising campaigns during events where they partner like TCS World 10K Bengaluru, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Tata Steel Kolkata 25K


In the past decade, India Cares has worked with 1,400 CSOs, 400 companies, 5,000+ individuals as fundraisers, facilitating Rs 120 crore as funds raised in all causes.

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