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Healthcare, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, Child Development, Stop Child Marriage, Domestic violence etc.

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Background :- SAMADHAN is a grass root level, social, non political, nonprofit, voluntary organization registered under the Indian Trust Act of 1882. SAMADHAN is registered under the Foreign Contribution regulation Act and is also registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Acts. SAMADHAN has formed its inception, worked towards helping people to raise their voices against exploitation,corruption, and infringement of basic human rights. Along with conducting a wide range of developmental efforts, Institution emphasizes the need for a change in consciousness before any meaningful, long term and sustainable change can occur. It has worked hard to accomplish the organization’s mission. Genesis of the Organization:- Social, economic, educational and very backward status, inequality among the people led the establishment of an organization which could fight for their cause. For the eradication of hunger, thirsty poverty inequality, poor health status, and not reached grass root level dedicated service, the foundation of SAMADHAN has been laid. Until the last person among the most neglected and poor are attended and given a respectable life the mission of SAMADHAN will remain incomplete. Our organization is working with the mission of establishing an equitable, egalitarian and socially just society by optionally utilizing the available human, natural & institutional resources. MISSION of The ORGANIZATION:- To ensure optimum utilization of the available Human, Natural and Intuitional Resources for the balanced develop of the Indian Nation. VISION of The ORGANIZATION:- SAMADHAN visualizes an equitable, equalitarian, nonviolence and socially just society by the adoption of a proper mix of available resources to promote and alternative module for sustainable. OBJECTIVE of the ORGANIZATION  To promote social, economic and educational uplift of the ST, SC, BIRHORE & backward communities.  Free from exploitation to women and children  To Care, Protect 0-18 yrs. children and promote rights, quality education & development  To arrest the rate of migration.  To educate, organize, and promote the new tools and technologies to the farmers of the project area so as to ensure food security. Intervention Areas : SAMADHAN programmes can generally be classified in the following Twelve categories:- 1. Women’s Socio economic Empowerment for Livelihood 2. Food & Nutritional Security 3. Integrated Child care & protection(ICPS) 4. Stop Child and Early Marriage 5. EWR of PRI members Empowerment 6. Adolescent Girls empowerment, Education 7. WSHG formation & Bank Linkage 8. Stop women & Domestic violence 9 Awareness in Gender Equality 10. Influence Child Rights & RTE 11. Environment, Land & Forest protection 12. Health, Hygiene and HIV/ AIDS


Area of work: Hazaribag, Tati Jharia, Bishnugarh, Chalkusha, Bokaro, Gomia, Bermo of Jharkhand


Sanjeev Bhattacharjee, President


Near Bhanu Shankar Nursing home, Lohsingna road, PO, & Dist:- Hazaribag (Jharkhand) Pin:- 825301


Mobile- 7004176432

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