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Sushma Foundation

Healthcare, Livelihood, Disability, Women Empowerment, Child Development, Environmental Pollution. Water Sanitation

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Organizational history Background:- SUSHMA FOUNDATION is a registered Trust which is registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882 bearing registration number 101/2011, dated 20th April;2011. that was established by a group of Social workers with the basic objective of serving as a change agent among the people at large in a positive direction retaining however all that is noble and whole some in the time-honored tradition and valued-frame of our society, which is of course in a state of transition. In order to keep updated planning and relevant in its intervention for community a process of strategic planning is undertaken regularly to decide objectively upon and set forth guidelines and policies regarding various aspects of total human development. This planning helps to set direction for areas of intervention, staffing, systems and practices, organizational structure, approach & methodology, monitoring & evaluation system, capacity building strategy etc. The Organization work with following key aspect: Empowering and mobilizing the communities here on issues of Child labor, atrocities, Child & women exploitation, Livelihood promotion, natural resource management, Skill enhance training, education and Health Awareness, Capacity building and climate change their inclusion in the governance systems, etc. Build democratic participation in community and effective implementation. Our Vision “to improve quality of life for oppressed disadvantaged section of society.”


Our Mission is to empower people so that they have greater control over their life situations and take responsibility to make a world that is mutually rewarding. Objectives:-  To provide education and health services and help in development of poor people in rural and urban areas without any distinction of caste, color, creed or religion.  To design and implement development projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the socially marginalized economically backward classes.  To develop and promote appropriate and environmentally sound technologies for enhancing the quality of life.  To implement traditional projects on traditional skills with participation from local people and groups.  To exchange all information with other organizations, groups and individuals working in the same area or other areas in India and abroad.  To network and exchange skill with other Non-Government Organizations, Private Limited Companies, Institutions, donor agencies, Government Institutions and the Government.  To infuse useful knowledge among the people including medical, Para-medical, technical, computer, vocational & Self-employment oriented education and to open, establishment, manage and run the schools, institution and centre for the benefit of the people.  To establish Documentation Centre and Facility Centre for the awareness of environment, sanitation, hygiene and related issues.  To grant relief during natural calamities of such as famine, flood, fire pestilence and other occasion of calamities of similar nature and to give donations, subscription or contributors, to institutions, establishment of persons during such relief work.  To establish or help in the establishment or support and maintenance by donation or otherwise any technical institutes and research institutes fr the benefits of the people.  To raise funds, accept donations, grants, subscription gifts, benefactions presents and other offerings in cash or kind of movable and immovable property and so deal with the same for the purpose of the Trust.  To develop the aforesaid objects by joining with other societies or trusts who also believe I the aforesaid objects and for that purpose to enter into all activities including affiliating, emulating wholly or partially taking possession on terms of lease, license, management and control of properties, institutions and organizations and obtaining of gifts of money and acquiring movable properties.  To render assistance and /or grant aid to other public charitable trusts or institutions.  To do all such other acts and things as may be required in order to further its above objectives. Core Values and Approaches to Development Core values of Sushma Foundation include - i. Service- exemplary public services and initiatives through helping needy people; addressing, managing and resolving various social problems ii. Social justice and equity- advocate for social justice and fight against injustice iii. Dignity- value the dignity and worth of the person iv. Human relationships- primary importance to human relationships v. Integrity- always act in trustworthy way vi. Competence-continuously strive to increase professional knowledge and skills and to apply them in practice to pursue organization’s aims and objectives vii. Accountability-responsiveness and accountability towards all relevant stakeholders viii. Transparency-in all functions and management of organization Sushma Foundation adopts the following approaches to development. Encompassing collective action of people Integrated development approach Engaging with local governance system Gender sensitive approach Human rights-based approach Inclusive approach Environment sensitive approach

Area of work: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhatishgarh


M P Singh (Director /CEO)

Sushma Foundation

B 38/42-1, Mohinikunj, Mahamoorganj, Varanasi, UP, 221010, India


Mobile- 8299404082, 9415392971


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